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Upcoming Meetups for Algorithmic Finance

Several of us at Quantopian are taking the Coursera class on computational finance. The class has been great, particularly as a way to connect with other aspiring quants. We wanted to get to know our classmates better, so we hosted a few meetups for the class. The response was great. We met a bunch of like-minded folks in person, got help with the homework, and found out how hungry people are for mentorship and collaboration.

We asked attendees what they would like to see in the future, and they all asked for more meetups focused on algorithmic finance. Specifically, they want to meet more practitioners, hear about how to become a quant, what the work is like, what the life is like, and how they can get on a trajectory that leads to becoming a quant.

Thanks to everyone who came to our inaugural meetups! We are thrilled to say we are taking your advice and starting a monthly meetup series.

We've will host monthly Meetups in Boston and NYC. Each month will feature a real quant who will talk about their career, investment philosophy and answer your questions.

Join our regional meetups:

Are you in a different city? Do you want to work with us to organize a local Meetup near you? Email me ([email protected]) and we'll make it happen!

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