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On Trust

Here at Quantopian, we knew from the start that one of our biggest challenges would be convincing our users to trust us with your property.

That’s right, your property. The algorithms you write in our app, the backtests you execute, the strategies you model -- all these belong to you and only you.

The details of that promise are spelled out in detail in our terms of use, but it’s really quite simple: Anything you share in public on the site is public, and it’s OK for us to use it, while anything you don’t share remains private. We’ll keep your private data safe, and we won’t give it to anyone else or even look at it except as required by law or to support your use of the site.

We know we need to earn your trust, and we think we know how to do that: by being open and transparent about our plan, our product, our people, and our backers.

  • Our plan for being successful is to make you, our users, successful.We’ll make our money by providing a service you find valuable and charging fees you’re willing to pay. When we get to live trading, we will charge a fee associated with that service. Our goal is to change the world of quantitative finance; to do that, we need to pay the bills!
  • We’re designing our product to keep your data safe and secure, and we’re open-sourcing key components of it.Our development roadmap includes all the best practices needed to ensure that our application is secure, including:
    • password strength requirements;
    • passwords securely encrypted in our database;
    • SSL encryption for all application data travelling over the public internet;
    • strong encryption of all sensitive user data;
    • real-time monitoring to detect and shut down attempts to infiltrate our site;
    • prompt deployment of vendor security patches on all our servers; and
    • regular third-party audits of our application security, and prompt remediation of any issues uncovered by those audits.

Because we want to be open and transparent with our users, we want to state clearly that our application is a work in progress, and some of these security features have not yet been implemented. We promise you that our application will be fully secured before we open up any sort of live trading.

Following a popular unveiling at PyData NYC’12, we’ve open-sourced our backtesting engine, Zipline, for anyone in the world to use and improve. This is the actual code our app uses to run your backtests, and it’ll stay that way.

  • Our people are among the best in the industry, with years of experience and well-earned reputations.  John Fawcett, our CEO and co-founder, is well-known in the investment industry for co-founding Tamale Software, which created the investment research management software vertical and whose products continue to dominate ten years later. We have no doubt that Quantopian will be as much of a game-changer for quantitative investing as Tamale was for research management. We welcome you to meet the rest of the team.
  • We are backed by two major investors, who we will announce soon. Our board of directors includes Blake Darcy of Formula Investing, and Matthew Granade formerly of Bridgewater.  Our advisory board includes experts in finance, software, security, user experience, and infrastructure: Wes McKinney, Chris Thorpe, Nader Akhnoukh, and John Gannon. These guys don’t mess around; if they trust us, then you can too.

We’d love to hear from you about trust. Are you ready right now to store your algos in Quantopian? If not, what will it take to get you there? Please comment below, or feel free to email us if you’d rather correspond in private.

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