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We Made Our First Multi-Million Dollar Allocations

Quantopian has just made the first allocations to our community members using external capital. You can read the full press release.

The biggest allocation we made this week was $3,000,000, and the smallest was $100,000. The median was $1,500,000. As you know, each of the algorithm authors retains ownership of their algorithms. We will pay each author 10% of the net profits that their algorithm earns.

Our plan is to ramp up both the size and the number of allocations in the coming months. I think that some of these allocations are going to be life-changing. Many of the quants receiving these allocations dream of a day when they can quit their jobs and make an independent living solely by researching and licensing algos. The allocations we are planning make that a real possibility.

It's a big week for everyone who has written some code on Quantopian. When we started this community in 2012, our goal was to make the world of quant finance open to everyone. More than 120,000 people have taken us up on that offer. Thousands of people have written some code, followed tutorials, taken lectures, analyzed factors in research, and become more educated about Python and finance. And now, we're crossing the next threshold where the best authors can get rewarded for their work.

Other Updates

  • Futures on Quantopian - If you haven't seen Jamie McCorriston's notebook on futures data, you really should go take a look. The notebook is a powerful demonstration of how Quantopian is going to help authors write algorithms that trade futures. It's hard to model futures if you only have individual contract prices, and you can't trade them if you only have continuous futures prices, and we're giving authors access to both. The full release of futures will be made at QuantCon.
  • QuantCon - This will be our third QuantCon in New York City. Our lineup of speakers is even more impressive than last year - keynotes from Dr. Marcos López de Prado and Dr. Michael Kearns can’t be missed, and that’s just to start. It's time for you to get your ticket, either in person or livestream. We've almost sold out of the student-level tickets, and the individual tickets will be the next tier to sell out.
  • Alphalens - It's easy to start coding in the backtester, but the more savvy algorithm authors always start with the research platform. The research environment is much more powerful, and it can even help you avoid overfitting. The newly-released Alphalens library makes our research platform even stronger.

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