An Introduction to Algorithmic Trading Models, from Professor Ahmad Namini

Posted by: Dan Dunn

Last week in New York City we held a meetup with more than 70 developers and quants. It was really exciting to see so many people engaged with and interested in learning more about quantitative finance! There aren't many opportunities in this industry currently for collaboration, discussion and education. That's something we're working hard to change, and it was great to see the enthusiasm in the community.

At the meetup, Dr. Ahmad Namini, executive director and adjunct professor at Boston University's Mathematical Finance Program, gave an excellent presentation providing an introduction to algorithmic trading models. Check out his presentation, and watch the video on YouTube.

We'll continue to post the content from these meetups here on our blog so that these resources will be available to anyone. As we plan future meetups, let us know if there are specific topics you'd be particularly interested in. Our goal is for these events to be interesting and educational for the community - so tell us what you'd like to see!


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